Two verbal techniques to Attract women

These tow verbal techniques are what separate the losers with women of the winner, use them to become a winner too.

When you are with women, there are lots of things you can do and lots of techniques you can apply, however, only a few are going to work great for you and among these few, there are only some selected ones that will work every time.

These two verbal techniques I’m going to share with you here are what will work every time for you, they are very easy to use and will make you so attractive to women.

The first verbal technique is teasing women by repeating what they say.

It’s very easy and very effective.

In all my life, I’ve never tried this one and failed with a woman, it’s the best verbal technique you can ever say to a woman.

Here is how you need to do it:

When you are talking to a woman, just tease her using it and make her feel a little annoyed and pissed at you.

Whenever she is talking to you, act as if you are listening to her and then just keep on repeating what she told you, at first , she will think that you are just being a good listener, but then she will get mad about it and will feel very annoyed by it, don’t stop, keep on making her feel annoyed.

This is called teasing and let me tell you that teasing is the best way to make a woman like you.

The second verbal technique is to argue with her and then agree with yourself.

Whenever she is talking about something, act as if you are annoyed by what she is saying to you and then start arguing with her, even when she agrees to you, just keep on arguing about anything and everything.

After a little while, argue with the ideas you said to her from the very beginning.

Then, smile a little bit at her and ask her to keep talking.

I’ve never seen a woman who wouldn’t crack a laugh at this one.

It shows confidence and a high comfort around her, no woman would resist laughing at this one.

The third verbal technique, a bonus, is to stop talking all of a sudden.

This one is a crazy one, I’ve once seen on Facebook a group of young people who were gathering at a park in Paris, they were walking normally when all of a sudden they stopped from moving, everyone around them was kind of freaked out by this.

With women, I’ll do the same, I’ll be talking and discussing a point of view when all of a sudden, I’ll stop everything and just freeze.

A lot of women are going to start laughing and feeling a little annoyed by it, then you resume what you were saying as if nothing has happened.

Trust me, one of the best verbal techniques ever.


The delusion of following women – part 4 (finale)

After a week, one evening, I heard a knock on my door, opened and I found her waiting outside with tears in her eyes telling me: “why?”

We sat on the sofa and simply talked, I didn’t say sorry, and I didn’t argue with her, I just let her blow steam.

Then one crazy thing happened, she grabbed my hand, and went to my lips with an amazingly passionate kiss.

It’s been a week and a half and I was terribly horny, we kissed passionately, lifted her in my arms, I don’t know where the fuck did that manhood came from, and I controlled everything, she was passive and had six orgasms in an hour.

I was so in control!!!

She passed the night with me, in the morning; she went to the kitchen and made breakfast!!!!!

I started liking this manhood thing, eat and told her that “I’m going work now, let’s go”.

Yes, I chased her from my house.

She started crying, I told her that if she wanted to see me again, there are some rules to follow, she didn’t agree and left.

I told her that if she doesn’t agree to these rules, it will be over forever, she went and I’ve been ignoring her calls and not allowing her to come in since then.

And let me tell you that I went out a lot, mostly with my new friends and alone.

I’ve dated a lot of girls and most of them would go mad about me on the first date, me taking control, me being decisive, me telling her what to wear and to cover some parts, me not allowing her to go out…

Women love to be ordered and whoever says the contrary has no balls.

Guys, keep it safe !


It’s important to know who you are dealing with.

This is the message I got from this post: and it’s true, these days, it’s so frightening to see how many people are really deviant and into cruel stuff with other human beings.

You may never know who you are dealing with, she may look like a sweat heart and so in love with you, but then when you do a little research (hint: go read the post, it has some great insights) you’d find out that she has a record into credit card fraud or something nice.

I don’t want to scare you, BUT you need to be safe.

Animals dating better than you??

I was realy amazed at how stupid the title of this post sounded, hehehe, very funny, “a monkey will attract females better than you!!”.

This post title is funny, but the guy has a point, it’s true, animales are better at attracting their females than us humans!!

why is that in your opinion?

because they don’t have something called: conciousness, the author didnt talk about it, but I’m sure he had it in mind.

Women want assholes!!

Very funny video, go watch it, quickly!

The delusion of following women – part 3


Try to guess what happened three days later?

She called me one morning, and told me that she’s been thinking about it and I should say sorry to her.

I told her: NO

She was very angry and hung up.

After some few hours, she called again asking to get a toothbrush and some napkins her mother gave to her; I told her I’d deliver them to her workplace.

She hung up the phone again.

Meanwhile, I went to that macho guy and sat down with him, he gave me a list of reading materials and books to check.

I went and bought them.

Internet dating made easier


This guy knows what he talks about !!

I’ve just had a very tiny discussion and I’m convinced that e is the real deal.

Here is the thing I’ve noticed when I’ve read his article, here is the link by the way: , he focused only on what you should do and what you should avoid.

It’s very rare that came across something worth mentioning in this blog, most of the time, what I read is just rubbish and garbage or if I’m lucky some recycled crap!

This time, it was different, this post deals about an issue we tend to forget when sending an email to a woman on a dating site, which is: THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF GUYS DOING THE SAME THING AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Try to imagine yourself as a beautiful woman posting her profile on a popular dating site, still following?

What would happen when a man sees your picture?

Daa, he would write you!

Now imagine that a hundred guys saw your profile, and only half of them wrote you, this would equal 50 messages!

It’s scary to know that you need not just pay the subscription fees and then you are done!!

There is even more work to do after you have paid.

I won’t bore you more than this, here is the link again, go check it:

The delusion of following women – part 2

It’s not an easy issue to talk about; it’s taboo nowadays to say that men should be men!

I’ve been with these macho guys, I’ve known a lot, and to me back then, they seemed very rude to women and very “unmanly”.

I denied what I was seeing; the reality and I kept pushing my mind and my body to do something unnatural, being a woman instead of being a man.

Then one, day I thought that I’d do something advocated by an “ignorant” macho friend:

I told my girlfriend no!!!

I know horrible deed.

She told me that she’d hang up with her friends the whole night at a club and that I should no wait for her because she “maybe late”.

Usually, I’d give a punch to my balls and say: “ok, I’ll leave you a plate in the fridge, have fun”

But that day, I dared to be a man, I asked her about who’s going to be with them, she said, it wasn’t my business and I told her that she will not go!

I still remember, I was shaking and feeling like I was stabbing her in the heart!

She started yelling that I wasn’t her father and that “who are you to order me!”

So, I went to the door, opened it and told her: “if you leave tonight, no need to come again, and don’t forget to pack your things!”

She looked at me very angrily and left.

I was in shock and I couldn’t breathe normally, then I started worrying about what I’m going to do without a girlfriend, who’s going to like me, who’s going to love me what if she finds another man……?

Then, I started hatting that idiot guy who told me to man up, “I swear I’d kill that motherfucker!!!”

I took my phone and I was going to call her, then a great thing happened:

The man inside of me woke up and said this:

“Dude, it’s gonna be fine!”

I smiled and felt great.

I went to the bedroom, took her things, clothes, lingerie, panties, iPod, laptop, cds, and even gift’s I’ve bought her… and packed them and put them outside near the door.

I went to the bedroom, tried to sleep but I couldn’t.

Then I heard her cursing and trying to open the door with her key, I locked it from the inside.

She cursed again for some twenty minutes and then left.

In the morning, I found my gifts and some of her unwanted things out, I went and throw them away…

The delusion of following women


I’ve read many articles on the subject of being amazingly good with women.

Of all these subjects, I’ve remembered only a few!!!

Here is the big issue I’ve seen in most of these articles: they do not deal with a FUCKING BIG problem!!!!

I had to curse and to use the uppercase, it’s a national issue, and if the president isn’t including it in his next presidential campaign, I’m not voting for him 🙂

Here is that fcuker of a problem: men are following women!!

Yes, it may seem like a stupid issue that doesn’t deserve much attention, but please, let me explain first what this issue will do to you if you keep on it:

It will cut your balls from the roots!

I think it’s a clear idea for you now.

This is what will happen if a douche keeps following his women: he will become her pet, her puppy dog.


I think you’ve seen this over and over: a man that becomes his wife’s best girlfriend.

They have sex, but only once a year or maybe twice if he is lucky.

Others will keep pushing their wives, so the sex will be much often, a Sunday evening, five minutes, little fuck!

Do you want to be a five minute a week guy???!!!

I was having the same issue, at one point in my relationship with my girlfriend; I’ve noticed that the sex was becoming very rare.

I’ve stopped and thought about what I was doing wrong, I didn’t blame her, I didn’t dump her, I needed to learn what was wrong.

I started with learning great sex techniques and Kama sutra… NOTHING!

She would orgasm a lot, but if I don’t initiate the act, she won’t do it!

Then, I’ve read about a huge problem in western societies: the pussification of America

Here is a little something to read about it:

Talk to you soon, I’ll complete this post in a few days!

Basic fragrances and aromas to attract women’s attention

Been a long time since i’ve written something, so, I thought that the winter is here and you may need to warm things up a little 😉

Let’s start.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

How can I attract women instantly?

How can I make women approach me and start a conversation with me?

How can I make women feel desiring toward me?

How to make women not reject me?

All these questions can be answered with only one word: smell.

The way you smell will determine the way women will deal with you.

I assure you, this may sound strange and untrue, but in reality, a lot of women will experience it with you and will feel like drawn to you.

Women have a very developed sense of smell.

They can detect good smells from a long distance, don’t get too crazy here, only some meters, and they will notice bad smells more than men do.

In fact, a woman will reject a man only by smelling some little rotten “fragrance” in him.

She doesn’t need to know him nor his personality, from just one smell, she would categorize him and put him in a wining box or a losing category.

This is the reality of things, accept them or deny them, but at the end, it’s women who decide and you must follow their guidance to be accepted by them.

  • The first advice related to your smell is to not choose what the others have chosen.

This is very important.

The more you smell like the others, the more you will be “boring” to women.

I was once with a girl when she suddenly yelled into an angry tone saying that she’s been smelling this perfume from the beginning of the day.

I was astonished because I thought it was a nice smell!

I told her so and she replied that it’s nice but all guys are wearing it and it must be so cheap.

From this I can say only one thing: avoid cheap colognes and perfumes.

I’m sorry to say this but the cheaper brands are all over the place.

If you are going to pay less than 50$ for a perfume (at the original store), avoid it.

I know that I’ll disqualify a lot of them, but it’s the harsh reality.

Noah has got a great article on perfume choices, you can have a look at it when you are done reading this one:

  • The second thing to make sure you do is to try, always try.

Don’t just buy one brand, like it and put it all the time until you die!!

Whenever you’ve got a winning perfume, put it in your drawer and go look for other winners.

Guess what, women will start talking on your back about how great you smell all the time and how you take great care of yourself.

The more brands you’ve got, the better for you.

  • The third advice related to your smell is to avoid putting perfume on sensitive areas.

I don’t mean the eyes or the ears here, though they should be avoid, I mean putting perfume on your clothes and hands.

It will serve you for nothing; you will just waste some good fragrance.

Here are the areas you can put perfume in:


Yes, one area, don’t adventure into putting it on other areas, you won’t get great results.

The neck is the perfect place for putting cologne.


As usual, some links to complete your reading:

It’s the only link worth mentioning, always trust what other people have found to be great.


See you soon.

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