Two verbal techniques to Attract women

These tow verbal techniques are what separate the losers with women of the winner, use them to become a winner too.

When you are with women, there are lots of things you can do and lots of techniques you can apply, however, only a few are going to work great for you and among these few, there are only some selected ones that will work every time.

These two verbal techniques I’m going to share with you here are what will work every time for you, they are very easy to use and will make you so attractive to women.

The first verbal technique is teasing women by repeating what they say.

It’s very easy and very effective.

In all my life, I’ve never tried this one and failed with a woman, it’s the best verbal technique you can ever say to a woman.

Here is how you need to do it:

When you are talking to a woman, just tease her using it and make her feel a little annoyed and pissed at you.

Whenever she is talking to you, act as if you are listening to her and then just keep on repeating what she told you, at first , she will think that you are just being a good listener, but then she will get mad about it and will feel very annoyed by it, don’t stop, keep on making her feel annoyed.

This is called teasing and let me tell you that teasing is the best way to make a woman like you.

The second verbal technique is to argue with her and then agree with yourself.

Whenever she is talking about something, act as if you are annoyed by what she is saying to you and then start arguing with her, even when she agrees to you, just keep on arguing about anything and everything.

After a little while, argue with the ideas you said to her from the very beginning.

Then, smile a little bit at her and ask her to keep talking.

I’ve never seen a woman who wouldn’t crack a laugh at this one.

It shows confidence and a high comfort around her, no woman would resist laughing at this one.

The third verbal technique, a bonus, is to stop talking all of a sudden.

This one is a crazy one, I’ve once seen on Facebook a group of young people who were gathering at a park in Paris, they were walking normally when all of a sudden they stopped from moving, everyone around them was kind of freaked out by this.

With women, I’ll do the same, I’ll be talking and discussing a point of view when all of a sudden, I’ll stop everything and just freeze.

A lot of women are going to start laughing and feeling a little annoyed by it, then you resume what you were saying as if nothing has happened.

Trust me, one of the best verbal techniques ever.

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  1. Great post! I personally do the first verbal thing a lot. Haha. It’s a great way to getting her into bed.


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